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What is SPM Accelerate?

EduKaji brings you our 7-Month programme that will focus you on exam-type questions by topic and full-set papers to score A+ for your SPM 2022 without breaking a sweat !!

What Can You Expect in Your Class?

Fast Track Your Understanding
With Teachers' Guidance
Get Visible Improvements
When You Commit
30% Teaching,
70% Exam Practice
Learn ‘Teknik Menjawab’
AND Exam Patterns
Key Programme Details
Duration 7 Months
16 May to
18 Dec 2022
Covers Form 4 & 5
KSSM Syllabus
Fully Online Class
With Recording
Until SPM 2022
Class Materials
You Get in Hardcopy

Subjects Offered and Timetable

Bahasa Melayu
Bm Tue | 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Bm Fri | 8:00pm - 9:30pm
En Thu | 8:00pm - 9:30pm
En Tue | 5.30pm - 7:00pm
Bm Wed | 5:30pm - 7:00pm
General Science
Bm Sat | 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Get Access To All Classes For Only 3 Monthly Payments!

30 Classes Each Subject  
Each Subjects
All Subjects Come With Hardcopy KSSM Class Materials
No printing hassle! When you join EduKaji’s SPM Accelerate you will receive physical class materials for a better study experience!

Best Teachers In The Region

Our teachers have helped thousands of students score in their SPM subjects. Get to know them!
Edukaji Teachers

600+ satisfied students in 2021

See what our 2021 batch has to say about SPM Accelerate
Tracy Patricia
I like how this tuition can rewatch the lessons which is really good to students like me who can't catch up quickly during lesson . Teachers also patiently teach us and answer the question we don't understand even in virtual which it's on zoom.
Phill Shane
A great way to prepare for the upcoming SPM exam. REALLYY loving the teachers which made studying our subjects more fun!! :)
Shumittha Rasanderan
A really great education. The teachers are so nice and the teaching skills are perfect really easy to understand the chapter and the class were really fun and not boring.
J Twin
Through this programme, I had learned a lot of things .I used to not listen in class, and I had so much fun ! Teachers are excellent ! I want to continue join this programme as it is really help in my spm journey!
This is really a great program for high school students. The teachers have a lot of learning experiences and even though time is a bit limited they always do their best to complete each chapter. + it has a recorded version posted after each class which makes it much better.
Nur Afika
Hello! ☺️ My favourite teacher is all of the teachers, especially Cikgu Shima. My best experience is I am able to learn more about certain subject and increase my understanding on that subject. I also able to learn more tips and technique that help me to answer questions.
Aiben Noel
All the teachers are so kind and very patient with us. I personally love them all so much as they love us too especially teacher Shima🤣😍. This program helps me to catch up on my silibus and teach me some great tips to answer questions or remember important points.
Yan Yee
我最喜欢Mr Anson,他的教课方式很有趣。<br>其他老师也是教到很好,只是有时候会网卡,听不清老师讲什么。在这个课程学到了很多,也在慢慢的进步。
Justin Daniels
This tuition is great because there's many experienced teachers that will guide me through answering tips. It really help me in my trial exam
Siew Mei Hsia
The teachers were very friendly and they have good strategies in teaching, really helpful!
Cherry Na
I see improvement in my grades from C to A.
Hui Qi
It was amazing. I will sign up for the full programme after i’ve tried the free classes. I was genuinely impressed by the BM teacher, Cikgu Lindar. She was great!

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